Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Eve

I have lots of fond memories of New Year's Eve- most of them spent at home with family and friends.  One that I am reminded of each new New Years is of when we visited Mike's family in Minnesota-  It was my first experience with 'Roskie Burgers' - A Benthin family tradition...yummy greasy little meatballs on a bun! Mike's dad Keith told me that "if you eat em with mustard and like em then you're a REAL Benthin.  I didn't like mustard but I tried it just for him and Loved em!  I am a true Benthin!  I think of Dad Benthin fondly every New Years as I eat my Roskies covered in mustard....Thats when I miss him the most.

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  1. Hi Janny, Did you write that poem, "What Lasts"? I LOVE it!!!!